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Die Cover Film -- Press Brake Tooling & DiesĀ 



The forming of bends using press brake tooling involves drawing the material into a die. As the material moves across the radii of Die Cover Filmthe die some amount of abrasion to the material is bound to occur. In many cases the finished part will be used in a setting where cosmetics are important. Consequently, eliminating or at least minimizing the abrasion at the source saves a costly secondary operation.

Urethane Die Cover Film

Solutions include highly polishing the steel dies; using “urethane dies” or using urethane Die Cover Film.

Urethane Die Cover Film is economical and convenient. Available in a broad range of widths & thickness’, merely cut a length long enough to cover the working area of the die and tape it in place. Material to be formed is the laid on top of the die film and bending proceeds. The Die Cover Film prevents the part from coming in contact with the die therefore eliminating any marks.

Being extremely durable the Die Cover Film will perform for numerous parts before having to be replaced with a new length.

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Urethane Die Film Pricing


Die Film Price List
  Width Thickness FT/Roll Price
Light Duty 2" 0.015" 100 $85.00
  4" 0.015" 100 $110.00
  6" 0.015" 100 $140.00
  12" 0.015" 100 $255.00
Heavy Duty 2" 0.030" 100 $125.00
  4" 0.030" 100 $150.00
  6" 0.030" 100 $198.00
  12" 0.030" 100 $360.00
Prices and Specifications subject to change without notice