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Reconditioned Press Brakes -- Press Brake Tooling & Dies



Press Brake Reconditioning

Through time and hard use your Press Brake bed and ram will eventually show signs of wear. Bends will vary from end to end. Part quality will suffer. The short term solution is shimming the lower tooling or die rail. The resulting time loss and scrap parts are very expensive.

Now, a patented milling process can restore your Press Brake bed and ram to like new tolerances right in your plant. No costly rigging and transportation, plus the whole process can usually be accomplished in just a few days. Space allowing, even your die rail can be re-surfaced at the same time.

Basic laws of physics dictates that even with a new Press Brake the ram will deflect under forming pressure. To further reduce the need for shimming, a crown can be machined into your bed or possibly even the die holder if space permits.

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