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Rotary BenderCommonly referred to as the “Pac Man” die, the Rotary Bender provides unique solutions to a wide range of bending applications. Benefits include safer and more efficient material handling, mark free bending for pre-finished or high luster materials, improved part consistency, precise radius control and potential tonnage reduction of up to 50% over wiping dies.

Rotary Bender Features Material whip up and back bending are a thing of the past. Material is fed in horizontally and remains horizontal throughout the bending process. Multiple bends are possible without ever lifting the material. Reduction in labor hours and potential operator injury are dramatically reduced. Marking of materials is a common problem with press brake forming. Replacing the standard steel rotor with one manufactured from Delrin. Aluminum, stainless steel, pre-painted and pre-finished materials can all be formed with absolutely no tool marks. With proper gauging, whether incorporated into the Rotary Bender or using an external gauge, parts formed in the Rotary Bender are always consistent. The Rotary Bender clamps the material firmly prior to bending. Only then does the bending begin, forming the material against the anvil developing tight and precise radii.